Eurostone Tiling Sydney & Canberra

Eurostone tiling Sydney & CanberraIf your are looking for top Quality Tilers in Sydney or Canberra, look no more,  Eurostone tiling considers itself to be one of the best tiling companies servicing Sydney & Canberra.

We offer a complete professional wall and floor tiling service. We now Tiles and Stone very well, when it comes to choose tiles that suites your requirements, it can be a tiring process espacialy with all the tile choice available in our times, we can help you make the right choice.

We treat tiling as being a passion as opposed to a job. Beside focusing on delivering quality and professional work, we’re much more interested in providing a top-quality job to make sure that each of our customers is completely satisfied.


Eurstone tiling service at a Glance:

  • Help in finding the right tile to suit your requirements
  • A free no obligation estimate
  • Measurement of tiling area to provide you with the correct amount of tiles to order
  • Removal of old tiles/substrates
  • Placing of floor coverings throughout the work area
  • Guaranteed top quality tiling finish to the highest standard
  • Polishing with the best machinary and products.
  • Removal of rubbish
  • professional Clean of work area

We care for your ideas and appreciate your feed-back, and we also feel that together with your insight and our professionalism and sound advice, we’re able to provide you with the best possible look to go well with the space, your house design and budget.

We provide a complete tiling service from removal of old tiles to preparing the floor or walls substrate so that we have a sound solid waterproof base that is ready for tiling, to the removal of tiles/rubbish and lastly a professional clean of the work area.

Eurostone specialise in all aspects of wall and floor tiling and undertake all types of tiling work using ceramics, porcelain, natural stone. With our polishing skills, we insure to provide  everyone with the finest standard of high-quality finishing whilst still continuing to be competitive.

We will also take care of the correct adhesive and grout that are required for your chosen tile and its surrounding substrate, before measuring your tiling project to calculate the exact amount of tiles that will be required for the job in hand, before providing you with your free estimate with no obligation.


To discuss your tiling requirements with us and arrange a free visit and estimate, contact Bil on 0416 223 315 or visit the contact us section for a call back, email us a brief description of the work you want carried out, leave your phone number, and we will get back to you shortly.


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